Article 19

KS2 had our local policeman in to talk about safety on the internet, as some children across the years were experiencing problems in the online community. The policeman discussed with them how to exercise their right to be protected and what their responsibility was to their peers to ensure that they are in a safe and friendly environment online, whether that be on social media or with online gaming.

World Children’s Day 14.11.19

Today was World Children’s Day. Across the school we looked at children in other countries. We found out what a day in their life was like and identified whether they were getting their children’s rights.

Potter Class focussed on two children in Brazil. They found out that the children had to have large iron gates to protect their house and were not allowed to play outside. The boy rode is bike on the roof! The children discussed the children’s right to be safe and protected. They talked about how their mum tried to keep them safe and allowed them to have their right but the environment they lived in did not adhere to the CRC article.

Later on in the day they looked at different scenarios that may happen in school. The children talked about the right it linked to and what their responsibilities were to ensure that all children have their rights respected in school.